Bring Your Inn Stay to Life with Adopt-A-Plant

What is the Adopt-A-Plant program? 

The Adopt-a-Plant Program is the newest offering for nature lovers at The Inn at Riverwalk

Located in the lobby of The Inn is a shelf display lined with leafy offerings from Flower Hound, a locally-owned store in Eagle that offers a wide selection of plants, pots, and unique home decor. Guests are encouraged to check out the display and “adopt a plant” for their stay in Edwards, bringing their green friend to their room for their stay.

We hope these green beauties brighten your days and create a more homey feel while you are staying in the Vail Valley. Learn more about our newest plant program:


What are the benefits of plants in our spaces?

They do more than add a pop of color to our spaces, plants are known to positively affect our well-being — they improve both our happiness and our health. Humans have an inherent connection to plants and living things. Nature is good for the soul, and plants are too. It’s probably one of the reasons why you planned a visit to the mountains. Surrounded by National Forest and miles of trails, just minutes from Beaver Creek Ski Resort, Edwards, CO is the ideal location to soak up the benefits of nature. 

But even mountain lovers need a little extra boost in the winter months!

The color green evokes a feeling of being secure and rested. It’s one of the reasons why exposure to nature is so essential for our overall well-being. During winter, indoor plants breathe life and serenity amidst the white, snow-covered landscape. 

Plants can also help boost your mood and lower stress. Placing a plant in your office, home, or hotel room creates a comfortable and soothing effect. Adding some greenery lowers anxiety and blood pressure while increasing concentration and creativity. Researchers have found that cortisol levels, the hormone that controls stress, are decreased when we are around plants. 


Can houseplants create cleaner indoor air quality?

Plants are known to improve our indoor environment. Although the Vail Valley boasts fresh mountain air, we can always use some help from our leafy friends. 

Indoor plants improve air quality through photosynthesis, which absorbs carbon dioxide and releases oxygen. Additional pollutants and toxins are absorbed through the presence of plants. In a study done by NASA, researchers found that houseplants significantly reduced airborne volatile and organic compounds (VOCs). 

Additionally, houseplants add humidity to the air through the release of moisture vapor. In a dry mountain environment, houseplants are a welcome addition to your room. 

Some plant species are more effective at freshening the air. Look for varieties such as Boston fern, rubber tree, spider plant, ficus tree, areca, lady, dwarf date, and bamboo palms to receive the most benefits from your plant. 


What are easy plants to maintain?

If you love the idea of plants but have a hard time remembering to take care of them, look for an easy-to-care-for plant. Numerous varieties of low-maintenance plants can survive even if you don’t have a green thumb. Here are a few suggestions for tough plants that are tolerant of over or under-watering:

Snake plants are thick-leafed plants with striped sword-like leaves sticking straight up. They grow slowly and can cope with low light conditions and little watering. Succulents are another option that are easy to ignore. These plants come in all colors and shapes and thrive with little water. Jade plants are an easy and slow-growing variety to look after and live a long time. 

For more advice on finding your low-maintenance companion, visit Flower Hound for the perfect match.


How can houseplants transform your hotel stay?

Our goal at The Inn at Riverwalk is to make your stay as comfortable as possible. We strive to provide amenities that make you feel at home. Adding plants and a touch of greenery can transform your surroundings. Bringing a plant into your room creates a sense of serenity in your space.

Our Adopt-a-Plant program is an extension of our commitment to making your stay memorable, unique, and, most importantly, green. 


What kinds of plants are available?

Meet our plant posse: from low-maintenance succulents to large, leafy greens, our plant collection is like a mini botanical garden. Colorado’s air is dry and the winters are harsh, so we carefully curate a selection of plants that will thrive and survive inside. Whether you're a plant newbie or a passionate plant parent, we've got a green buddy that’s the perfect fit for you to try out.


Can I purchase a plant?

Yes! If you find the perfect foliage fit, plants are available for purchase. Bringing a plant home is an excellent idea for a sustainable gift or souvenir of your trip to the Vail Valley. Visit Flower Hound in downtown Eagle for additional plant accessories and advice for caring for your new plant.


How do I Adopt-a-Plant?

Swing by the lobby of The Inn near the elevators, where you’ll find shelves lined with a selection of adoptable plants. Peruse the selection and pick a plant that speaks to you. Bring your adopted plant to your room and find an ideal spot for your new roommate, preferably near a natural light source. Don’t worry; a care guide is included. 


The Inn at Riverwalk: Your Home Away From Home

The Inn at Riverwalk is an independent hotel with modern amenities and authentic mountain vibes. Guests love The Inn for its thoughtful touches and inviting atmosphere. The Inn makes the mountains feel like home, from adopting a plant to welcoming your dog and 24/7 access to coffee, tea, and hot chocolate at the lobby's self-serve Lavazza Coffee & Tea Bar.

Conveniently located on the Riverwalk, The Inn is just steps from the best shopping, restaurants, and the Eagle River. Surrounded by National Forest and just minutes from Vail and Beaver Creek Ski Resorts, The Inn provides easy-to-access adventure from Edwards. 

Every room at The Inn prioritizes comfort and is stocked with conveniences. Various room types offer a mountain or river view with a king bed or two queen beds. With stocked luxury bath products, blackout curtains, and plush feather-bed topped mattresses, you’ll find a quiet and relaxing place to lay your head. Alternatively, stay in a spacious one- or  two-bedroom condo, which features a full kitchen, dining room, living room, and cozy fireplace. 

No matter where your vacation takes you, The Inn at Riverwalk provides a place to relax and get ‘inn’ the mountains. Book your stay at The Inn today.