Elevate Your Team's Potential with Corporate Retreats in Edwards, CO

As the new year unfolds, companies are seeking fresh perspectives and innovative ways to achieve their professional goals. The picturesque town of Edwards, nestled in the Rocky Mountains, provides an idyllic setting for corporate groups and team retreats. In particular, The Inn at Riverwalk stands out as an ideal venue, offering a unique space to enhance team dynamics and foster connection and outdoor play.

When the time comes to plan that annual work retreat, or find the next location for team bonding, you will want to choose the location and space that works best for your team. It quickly becomes a lot to plan, and that’s why we compiled the important tasks for you right here.

A Change of Scenery for Success:

1. Finding Corporate Meeting Spaces

How many people will be traveling? Knowing how many people will help greatly with the hotel you choose. For companies looking to redefine their strategy and goals for the year, The Inn at Riverwalk in Edwards’s boardroom is fit for groups of 10 and under. It's the perfect space for teams wanting to dive into strategic planning sessions, presentations, and collaborative workshops. Individual travelers can use the room as a workspace complimentary, for one hour increments. 

2. Group Rates

At the beginning of the year, when budgets are often recalibrated, The Inn at Riverwalk provides cost-effective options for corporate retreats with its group rates. The goal is to offer an exceptional experience without exceeding financial constraints, enabling companies to make the most of their resources while prioritizing team collaboration and development. From a two bedroom condo stay to a double queen, there are rooms available for every traveler.

3. Accommodations for Team Bonding

The accommodations at The Inn are not merely rooms; they are spaces that promote teamwork and camaraderie. With comfortable plush beds and communal areas conducive to team discussions, the hotel provides an inviting environment that supports both work and relaxation. Spend your morning poolside or grabbing coffee from the Lavazza Bar.

Unsplash I Caitlin Grace

 Embracing the Natural Setting:

1. Outdoor Adventures in Vail Valley

Edwards, situated in Vail Valley, provides a stunning natural backdrop for team-building activities. Whether it's exploring scenic trails, enjoying winter sports on the slopes, or partaking in activities by the river, the location offers a surplus of opportunities for teams to connect and strengthen bonds.

2. Local Cuisine and Cultural Experiences

Teams can bond over culinary adventures in the diverse dining options surrounding The Inn. Edwards' local culture enhances the team experience, providing unique opportunities to explore and connect over delicious meals. Not to mention restaurants are just a walk across the street or around the corner for Inn guests, and the options are vast. 

Snowmobiling I Unsplash, Spencer Davis

3. Activities for Team Growth

On a team retreat, work and play should have equal time in the agenda. That is why choosing a location conducive to outdoor activities and team building games time is important. We have compiled a list of team building activities that take advantage of the location, and all it has to offer:

  • Scavenger hunt around the Riverwalk: Send your team on a scavenger hunt through the charming area of Edwards’s Riverwalk. Situated right along Eagle River, the Riverwalk is the ideal starting point for teams.

  • Hike in the Mountains: Being in The Vail Valley, there is no shortage of hikes and trails. Spend two hours hiking through the Rockies and taking in the views together. 

  • Fish Eagle River: Wanting to test your team's angler skills? Vail Valley Anglers is right next door to The Inn at Riverwalk and offers guided tours and group rates. 

  • Board Games: Sometimes the best way to get to know your teammates is over a classic game of Monopoly. Check out one of The Inn’s many board and card games at the front desk to get playing. 

  • Do an Escape Room: See who the real problem solvers are in the group at an escape room! Vail Valley Escape Room is nearby with rotating challenges and room themes.

  • Snowmobile Together: Be guided through the mountains on snowmobile ride, roast smores, and plan on-site activities with Inn partner, Nova Guides. They cater to all group sizes including corporate retreats

Edwards: Where Professional Goals Meet Scenic Inspiration:

In Edwards, Colorado, and specifically at The Inn at Riverwalk, companies can elevate their corporate retreat experience. The charming town and its mountainous surroundings provide not just a venue but an environment that fosters creativity, collaboration, and success. Book your retreat now and embark on a journey where the natural beauty of Colorado enhances your team's potential for a year of growth and achievement.