Hike with Tess Recap

Hike with Tess was a blast!

Although the weather forecast was back and forth, we ended up with a beautiful blue-sky day. Birds were chirping; the sun was shining; the setting was perfect. It was 80+ degrees outside and we were fortunate to have participants from more hot and humid climates, because the heat didn’t bother them a bit!

Our day began by meeting in The Inn at Riverwalk’s lobby. Our group included Richard, Michal, Hannah, myself and Sage the dog. I could immediately tell this group was full of energy, ready for more than just a leisurely stroll on Beaver Creek Mountain which is close bye to The Inn at Riverwalk.

We all loaded into The Inn’s passenger van, which is used as a ski shuttle in the winter and often a private wedding group shuttle the rest of the year. Larry chose our local radio station, The Zephyr, and set the mood with some Eric Clapton and Elton John. Within 10 minutes, we were at the base of Centennial Lift at Beaver Creek Mountain, lathering on sunscreen and dividing up delicious sandwiches from *Belmont Deli in Edwards.

*Side note: if you find yourself in need of a real New York style sandwich, this is THE place to go in the Vail Valley. They have everything from pork roll to pastrami, real NY bagels to a full menu of sandwiches named after famous race horses. (The deli’s name is a nod to the famous Belmont Stakes).

Back at the mountain, Beaver Creek provided us with an energetic and knowledgeable guide named Carrie. Tess arrived next and greeted the group, clearly excited to spend the morning chatting and hiking.

As we wound through the Aspen Glade Trail and marveled at the height of the trees, Tess expressed how nice it was to be hiking on Beaver Creek Mountain. Even as a Vail Valley native, Tess never found the time to explore this part of her backyard in the summer.

The chatter continued as our troupe got along swimmingly, touching on everything from ski training to local wildlife, travelling to business. What also continued was our pace. The hike was intended to be 2.5 miles and it quickly became clear this group had higher goals. We ended up traversing 5 miles that day!

Next, we took a brief break for lunch on Talons deck where we were treated to spectacular view and some much-appreciated shade. The hike was (literally) almost all downhill from there!

Richard pointed out a brave marmot to Sage the dog and they had a staring contest while we took pictures of the native Colorado wildlife. We crossed a river and Tess updated everyone on her plans for the winter. We can’t wait to see how the U.S. ski team does this season!

Our hike ended on the 5 Senses Trail next to Beaver Creek Chapel, a popular wedding location during all seasons. The group was tired but satisfied with a day spent in the fresh air with good company. We said goodbye to Tess and our guide, then headed back to The Inn at Riverwalk to relax.

Our next event with Tess will be Ski with Tess this winter. Can you think of anything cooler than getting ski tips from a member of the U.S. ski team? We definitely cannot! To stay up to date on Ski with Tess and everything Inn at Riverwalk, be sure to sign up for our newsletter and follow us on Facebook and Instagram.