Incredible Restaurants in Edwards, CO

The Vail Valley has fantastic food options as there is a strong local population and seasonal visitors that can keep both the quality and quantity of restaurants very high for such a small area. This post will focus mainly on the fantastic selection of restaurants in Edwards Colorado, all of which are walkable from the Inn at Riverwalk


Our favorite is Hovey and Harrison, they have incredibly well crafted, fresh and healthy foods. I have not eaten anything here that I did not absolutely love. Part high end grocer, part bakery this spot has an energy and ambiance that is fantastic for a memorable breakfast or brunch. My personal favorites are the breakfast hash and the french dip sandwich, and you would be remiss to leave here without a fresh loaf of their fresh bread. In addition to their well crafted food menu, Hovey and Harrison has fantastic caffeinated drinks and a full bar. The only downside of this venue is you will find yourself coming back the very next morning.  

For those looking for a faster but still incredible breakfast we recommend Village Bagel. A bagel shop that would satisfy even the pickiest East Coasters, every bagel here has a perfect chewiness and depth of flavor. They serve excellent coffee and craft very hearty bagel sandwiches guaranteed to stave off hunger before a long day adventuring on the slopes. 


Lunch in the Vail Valley is usually taken mid adventure, and a wonderful packable option is

The Smiling Moose Deli. Smiling Moose offers awesome sandwiches, salads and wraps and they are open early so you can have a nutritious picnic deep into a hike or at the top of a ski run. Other wonderful delis include the Belmont Deli and the Board Room Deli. All fast casual and all delicious. 

Pizza Pizza Pizza. The mountains are known for their beauty and equally known for providing very physically demanding activities. We know of no better method of replenishing your body and soul than with a hot pizza. The two top pizzerias have such different styles of pie that you could easily have both in one week.  Markos Pizza in Edwards serves big  New York Style pizzas, while Pickups Pizza specializes in the deep dish, Detroit style pizza that is a wonder to behold. Both places more than satisfy and delight. 

Happy Hour

The Druken Goat’s happy hour is so fantastic it was the catalyst for this category to be included as a mealtime. The Drunken Goat offers an extensive selection of cheeses and build your own charcuterie fares. Pair this with their full wine and beer menu, sprinkle on a great patio and live music and you’ll find your whole party smiling from ear to ear.  

Equally fun is E-town’s happy hour. E-town is a family friendly sports bar, with a great beer selection, great service and prices unheard of in the Vail Valley. 


Top of this list would have to be The Rose. The Rose has a lot of healthy and creatively delicious options. This restaurant’s plates are filled with highly flavorful and nutritious food that can help the body feel energized for another day of adventuring. My favorite is their Buddha Bowl, a rice bowl stuffed with fried and grilled veggies that is an absolute delight to eat. The Rose is also known for their extensive and meticulously crafted cocktails. 

For a more casual but no less gourmet experience Craftsman’s flavors consistently deliver. They serve incredible gourmet sandwiches that you really have to taste to understand how delicious food can be. Their parmesan truffle fries and craft beer selection compliment their menu well. Another restaurant where every single item they serve is incredible and their ambiance creates a wonderful way to end an epic day. 

For a more formal dining, eating at Zino’s will rival even the mountains for the best experience while in town. This is an italian restaurant whose plates define how amazing italian cuisine can be. Each bite will deliver an incredible bouquet of flavors from incredible ingredients. Zino’s will provide a very romantic and memorable experience. 

Lastly this list would be utterly irreverent if it did not include the Gashouse. Before Edwards had residences or the beautiful riverwalk’s shopping and dining there was a post office and the Gashouse. Every town needs its first restaurant and all residents of the Vail Valley are fortunate that the Gashouse was that first. They serve incredibly delicious exotic dishes where you can try a variety of local foods. From Elk to Bison to fresh caught trout, this restaurant has been delivering long before any others in Edwards and has set the bar very high. Eating here is a wonderful family friendly experience. 

Edwards Colorado offers a wonderful selection of restaurants all walking distance from the Inn at Riverwalk. Nothing rounds out a day of adventuring better than being able to enjoy the mountain air on your way to or from this towns fantastic food and drink.