Our New Mural

It's summer in the mountains, which means you can see splashes of color courtesy of Mother Nature throughout Colorado and the Vail Valley. From bright green leaves to a rainbow of wildflowers, the colors are in overdrive this year.

The Inn at Riverwalk wanted to bring a bit of that sunshine and cheer indoors, so we teamed up with local artist Marley Seifert to create an incredible mural for our once muted entry way. Many businesses commission art with a lot of requirements but we know our guests love the local, unique, and inspired atmosphere of our hotel and the town of Edwards, so we kept our request simple. We asked for something that inspires joy and communicates what it feels like to be lucky enough to enjoy summer in the mountains, and Marley delivered. 

The space began with a very reserved design.

Then Marley arrived and started splashing paint everywhere, including on her face and clothes.

After a few days, it all started coming together.

Day on one side, night on the other.

The finished product is incredible. We love it!


What do you think?

A word from the artist:

"This was my first larger indoor mural. It was so fun! My inspiration from this mural came from the idea - "what would I like to see on a wall?" I normally have a commission order or a main idea that the client wants so it was really fun trying to create something all on my own. I love happy and bright colors, so I wanted to include those. As for the design itself, I wanted something that would be different on each wall but "flow" together. Since there were two walls it added a fun challenge. I love painting mountains! I also love when the first light hits the tops of the mountains. The sky seems to paint so many magnificent colors in the early morning and again at sunset, so I wanted to incorporate that as well." - Marley Seifert


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