Sweet Treats of Beaver Creek

Beaver Creek is one of Colorado’s favorite family ski resorts. With plenty of beginner-friendly terrain, a top-ranked ski school, and both skiers and snowboarders of all ages on the mountain, it is an ideal environment for young kids to learn and practice. And after a long day playing on the mountain, Beaver Creek also has plenty of options for getting a sweets fix to satisfy the appetites you and your little ones have just worked up. 


Sweets on the Mountain

Cookie Time

A daily tradition at Beaver Creek is to grab some goods at Cookie Time. The smell of freshly baked cookies wafts through the air every day at around three o’clock in the afternoon at the base of Centennial Express Lift. They’re free, and a delight to both body and soul as they are dished out two at a time. Just look for the chef hats and follow your nose to the base of the resort to grab some before they’re gone. They usually go fast, so plan your day on the mountain accordingly.

Pro tip: If you are an early bird and lucky, sometimes you can catch a few of the resort chefs making morning rounds with platters of fresh cookies before you hit the slopes for the day.

The Candy Cabin

The Candy Cabin is known as the sweetest place at 9,840 feet of elevation. It is located at the top of Strawberry Park Express Lift and is accessible from the bottom left side of the Larkspur Bowl. The Candy Cabin sells a vast variety of candy by the pound and can give both parents and kids a well-deserved sugar fix at the end of an active day. The Candy Cabin offers numerous classic favorites including Swedish Fish, Sour Worms, Warheads, Nerds, Jelly Belly's, Root Beer Barrels, M&M's, assorted chocolates, classic Pepsi products made with real cane sugar, and much more. 

The Ice Cream Parlour

The Ice Cream Parlour is located at the top of Haymeadow Gondola, toward the base of both Latigo and Gold Dust ski runs. The Ice Cream Parlour is a delightful little cabin that offers warm solace from the mountain with both sweet and savory options. It is best known for its ice cream concoctions, hot chocolate, and easy soup and sandwich lunches.

Some favorite items of ours include the Cookie Time Ice Cream Sandwich, and the shop’s grilled cheese sandwich and soup of the day for those who want to save their sugar highs for the free Cookie Time cookies in the afternoon.

Cookie Cabin

The newest addition to Beaver Creek Resort’s selection of sugary offerings this season is the Cookie Cabin, located at the base of Centennial Express in the ski school’s building. All guests are welcome to visit the walk-up window to satisfy their cravings for one of Beaver Creek’s signature, fresh-baked chocolate chip cookies at any time of the day during the resort’s operating hours. 

Beyond the walk-up window of the Cookie Cabin is a special experience for Beaver Creek’s ski and snowboard school guests, where students can stop in for chocolate chip cookies and hot cocoa throughout the day. Designed to welcome kids and adults alike with a comfortable and cozy environment, the Cookie Cabin allows for the rest and relaxation students need between exhilarating runs on the mountain and is reserved just for them. 


Sweets In Beaver Creek Village

Rimini Gelato

The Rimini Cafe was established over a decade ago and has locations in both Vail and Beaver Creek resorts. Rimini offers 24 delicious Italian gelato flavors as well as dairy-free sorbet options in rich flavors like raspberry and dark chocolate. The cafe also conveniently serves high quality coffee, other hot beverages, and gourmet hand-poured chocolates. Guests who are hungry for something savory can choose from a variety of breakfast and lunch sandwiches as well, and Rimini’s chocolate boxes make the perfect gifts. We recommend ordering a cup of the Mexican-Spiced Hot Cocoa!

The Market at Beaver Creek

Last but not least is the Market at Beaver Creek. This shop displays a delicious spread of fudge as well as several flavors of ice cream. The Market is a great spot for a quick lunch and souvenirs, and also a place to satisfy your sweet tooth. 

The Inn at Riverwalk is the ideal place to stay for accessing both the wonderful town of Edwards and the family-friendly Beaver Creek Ski Resort. Guests at The Inn needing assistance in building an itinerary of stops along a food tour of the Vail Valley area can be directed to any of our expert staff at the Inn and we will be happy to offer customized recommendations for you.