Vail Valley Vacation Guide for Your Dog

Vacation Guide for Your Dog

A list of things dogs love: hikes, snacks, parks, belly rubs, new smells, squeaky toys, adventures, car rides, swimming and most of all, their human.

We at the Inn at Riverwalk love dogs and know that they need a vacation sometimes, too! Be they big or small, lazy or hyper, purebred or rescue mutt, we welcome them all. We offer custom dog beds and have no size or breed restrictions, so your best friend can join in your travels.

Sometimes, it can be tough to take your dog on a trip. You already found the right hotel but where can you walk, hike, dine, relax and explore in a pet friendly manner? Edwards and the Vail Valley are a dog owner’s paradise. There are plenty of restaurants and trails which are pet friendly, but it helps to know exactly where to go ahead of time. We created this handy clickable guide so you can spend more time enjoying your trip and less time frantically asking Siri if a restaurant patio is pet friendly.

Pooches Love Patios

Some restaurants only allow your dog to be tied on a leash on the outside of the patio fence, but this is a collection of restaurants that welcomes well behaved dogs to sit right next to you at your table.




Freedom Dog Park

Only a 7-minute riverside walk away, this off leash dog park gets the pawprint of approval. Loved by locals and visitors alike, owners can take in mountain views while dogs romp on the lawn or take a dip in the pond.

Nottingham Park

This park is fun for all! A paved path circles Nottingham Lake, where you will encounter sunbathers on the beach, volleyball players on the sand court, stand up paddle boarders, bikers, skate boarders, jungle gym climbers, hammock swingers and soccer players. This park is a feast for your pup's senses. Since it is mixed-use, dogs are required to be on leash except for the early morning hours. It is located in Avon, a 5 minute drive from The Inn at Riverwalk. 


Most trails allow dogs either under voice command or on leash. Some of our favorites are listed below and almost all have a river or lake for a quick drink of water. When you hike with your dog, keep in mind their ability level, just like when you hike. Hiking at altitude can be difficult and often involves steep hills or significant elevation gain, combined with a lower oxygen concentration. If your dog is not in tip-top hiking shape, it’s best to start with beginner trails. Consider the temperature, shade, proximity to water and difficulty.

Berry Creek: sunny and open, beginner-moderate
June Creek: sunny and open, beginner-moderate
Beaver Lake: moderate, plenty of streams and lakes, partially shaded
Eagle Vail Trail/Paulie's Plunge: beginner-moderate, partially shaded, follows a creek at points
Lionshead Rock: moderate-difficult, partially shaded, some water
Meadow Mountain: sunny and open, no water
Booth Falls: moderate-difficult, alternates between open and shady, some water crossings
Piney Lake: moderate, some water
Missouri Lakes: difficult, lakes and some water crossings


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