Pet Friendly Rooms

The Inn at Riverwalk believes your best friend needs a vacation, too.

We love your pets (almost) as much as you do and encourage you to bring your dogs be they big or small, young or old, fluffy or drooly. All are welcome!

In consideration for guests with allergies, not all rooms and condos are pet friendly. Please inform us in advance if you plan to bring your dog so we can ensure you are slotted for a pet friendly room. 

Some FAQ to make your pup's vacation a breeze: 

Do you have size or breed restrictions?
We do not have a size or breed restriction. However, dogs are expected to be well-behaved and not to pose a nuisance or threat to other guests.

What is your pet fee and why do you have one?
Our pet fee is $30 per pet, per night. There is a limit of 2 pets per room. The pet fee allows us to spend extra time deep cleaning your room in order to ensure allergens and irritants are removed for the next guest. The funds also go towards fun pet amenities like our super-comfy dog beds and check-in treats.

Can I leave my dog unattended?
Yes. We do not require your dog be in a crate but we will charge for any damages caused by Sparky. If you feel your pet may make a mess or cause damage, it is best to keep them in the crate while you are out.

The Inn takes relaxation seriously, which is why we cannot tolerate excessive barking. If your dog is heard making a fuss and disturbing the neighbors, we will give you a call and ask you not leave your dog unattended for the remainder of your stay.

Where do I take my dog out?
There are multiple pet relief areas around Riverwalk. The closest is on the east side of The Inn at Riverwalk's building. Additional areas are located along the recreation path behind the hotel. Complimentary doggy bags are provided.

Where is the dog park?
Freedom Park is an off-leash dog park with a lake, beach and surrounding path. It is the premier location for Edwards' pups to socialize. Walk there from the hotel by heading east on the recreation path behind the hotel. You will cross a bridge, head up a small hill and see the dog park on your left. 


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