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The Inn at Riverwalk's Resident Athlete

My name is Tess Johnson and I am 21 years old born and raised right here in Vail, Colorado! I began competing in freestyle moguls at 9 years old and soon after formed the dream of winning gold at the Olympics for Team USA. Since then, my life has revolved mainly around skiing.

I learned to ski at just 2 years old on Beaver Creek with my family, and from my first day on skis to now, the sport has been my biggest passion in life.I began competing in freestyle moguls at 9 years old and soon after formed the dream of winning gold at the Olympics for Team USA. Since then, my life has revolved mainly around skiing.

Making the U.S. Ski Team at 14 years old, going to the 2018 Olympics and winning my first World Cup at 17 years old are a few of my biggest achievements in the sport, but earning a bronze medal at the 2019 World Championships in Utah is my favorite milestone in my career so far.

Although I train and compete 10 months out of the year all over the world, spending time enjoying the outdoors and great company at home is still my favorite past time. Education is also something I value highly. I am currently a student at the Harvard Extension School.

I am so grateful for all the experiences I've gained from mogul skiing: traveling the world, meeting amazing people and learning about myself more than I could have imagined at my age just scratches the surface of all I've gained from mogul skiing. It has been incredible having the community stand alongside me and I am so proud to say I come from the spectacular Vail Valley. Thank you to everyone, especially the Inn at Riverwalk, for joining my journey!

2020-2021 Season Results
1st and 2nd Place – Idre Fjall FIS Open Singles
Ranked 6th on the 2020-21 World Cup tour
3rd Place – 2020 Deer Valley World Cup Duals
4th Place – 2020 Idre Fjall World Cup Duals

2019-2020 Season Results
3rd Place- US Selections - Steamboat, CO 
5th Place - World Cup Dual Moguls - Thaiwoo, China 
4th Place - World Cup Dual Moguls - Deer Valley, UT 
6th Place - World Cup Dual Moguls - Krasnoyarsk, Siberia 

2018-2019 Season Results
3rd Place - World Championships Dual Moguls - Deer Valley, UT 
3rd Place - World Cup Single Moguls - Ruka, Finland 
3rd Place - World Cup Single Moguls - Lake Placid, NY
3rd Place - US Nationals Single Moguls - Waterville, NH 
4th Place - US Nationals Dual Moguls - Waterville, NH 
5th Place - World Cup Overall 2018-2019

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Upcoming Events
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Past Events
- Q&A session at The Inn at Riverwalk- May 2019
Hike with Tess - August 2019 at Beaver Creek Mountain
- Ski with Tess: December 2019 at Beaver Creek Mountain

Q&A with Tess

What is your favorite trick and why?

My favorite trick is the backflip venom grab. I just started doing this trick this year and no one else in the sport of mogul skiing does it! It’s really cool to be able to bring a new trick to my sport, not to mention one that I love! 

What is your favorite quote or a quote that motivates you?

“It’s not what happens that matters, it’s how you deal with it.” My mom has said this to me for as long as I can remember, and it really rings true. Failure is inevitable, especially in my sport, and while there are many things that I can’t control, I can absolutely control my reaction, because that’s what counts. 

What is the biggest challenge you face as a professional athlete/public figure?

Overcoming failure. I’ve never been great at losing or falling down, it’s part of the reason I am where I am today, but it’s just part of the journey. Accepting that fact and learning to grow with my failures has been a constant challenge, but it’s one that I know I can overcome.

What is your favorite run on Vail/Beaver Creek? 

My favorite run on Beaver Creek is Coyote Glade; I’ve been skiing this run since I was 4 years old (maybe even earlier) and it’s where my passion for skiing came from. On Vail, it’s a toss-up between Highline and Whistle Pig, because these two runs sparked my passion for mogul skiing when I was 8 years old.

How about your favorite summer activity?

My favorite summer activity is mountain biking! I just got into two years ago and I’m absolutely hooked. 

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